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Located just off of I-5 (Exit 177) in Mountlake Terrace at:
  6601 244th Street SW
  Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

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The Scare Factor Top Haunts Washington State 3rd Place. Multiple Attractions, Charity Haunt. 6601 244th Street SW
Mountlake Terrace, WA, 98043

Frightfind Top Haunts 2018

Washington Haunted Houses Registry

Coaster Nation's Top Haunts 2016


Join us for a scary good time in October, when we dig up your favorite ghouls and a few newly deceased ones as well! The 2018 Nile Nightmares Haunted House will feature six updated Attractions;

The Curse of the Nile, Ballinger Asylum, The Infernum, The Doll House, The 3D Circus and Ice Station 13.

Begin your journey at The Curse of the Nile, where the Pharaoh awaits his next victim. If you escape from the tomb, continue on to The Ballinger Asylum where theres a cell with your name on it waiting for you. Then take a stroll through The Ballinger Cemetary, and face your greatest fear as you approach the gates of Hell themselves at The Infernum. Next put on your 3D Glasses for the 3D Circus and Clown Town Revival. Be careful, because next you may stumble upon an isolated research station located in the frozen Arctic, where something went terribly wrong!

Still want More???

NEW FOR 2018: 5 Minute Escape Room

Are you ready for an even scarier escape room experience? Do you think you can handle it?
New for 2018, Escape from the Crypt. A five minute escape room game for up to five players.

What's happening each night at the Nile in October?

10/05 DJ AJ Coppage
10/06 Moogey Man
10/12 Jack FM 96.5 Promo Crew and Ghouls Of The Crypt
10/13 Special Guests
10/19 Jack FM 96.5 Promo Crew and DJ AJ Coppage
10/20 Moogey Man and friends
10/26 Jack FM 96.5 Promo Crew
10/27 Pop Spoiler and His Deadbeats and Ghouls of the Crypt
10/31 Moogey Man and friends

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